Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pallet Up Cycle Challenge, The Winners Are....

Winners of the Pallet Up Cycle Challenge Entries, Thanks for all the Sponsors, and those who Submitted videos, 72 total, WOW, Thank You ALL

Special Thanks to All the Sponsors Listed Below, and for each entry, A lot a creating and giving inspiration to others, Congratulations to all the Winners.

Pallet Up Cycle Challenge
Dec 1 to Dec 24th

Get a Pallet, Make Something, Submit a video to my Facebook, or Email it to me,(JUST GET IT IN And WIN FREE STUFF

1. Mircro Jig = A Pair of Grr-ripers
2. Clear Vue Cyclone = Mini Cyclone
3. Eurekazone =  EZSMART Universal Edge Guide System
4. Rockler = Glue Application Master Set
5. Rockler = Bench Cookie® Plus Master Kit
6. Rock-n H Woodshop = T-shirt Or Hat , Your Choice of 1, and A Special Build Prize, to be announced by Rock-n H Woodshop
7. Pallets By Papa = Special Build Project
8. Fr. Thomas of Monkwerks = MonkWerks Baseball Cap
9. Charles Dearing = Scroll Saw Portrait Art
10. Sterling's WoodCrafts - Beats By Dre Ear Pods
11. Mark Stallings of Marks Spiritual Splinters Woodshop
He Is Risen Scroll Saw Art

Special Thanks to Izzy Swan
You Tube