Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 Kitchen Utensil Build Challenge

A Group of You Tube Woodworking Content Creators have gotten together to Create the Kitchen Utensil Build Challenge for 2015. I made this Ice Cream Scoop from Spalted Maple , Be sure to check out all the other You Tube Woodworker Content Creators in the list Below, Just click on their link, Subscribe, Like, Comment, Build your own, and share it with Us


 2015 Kitchen Utensil Challenge  

Patrick’s Workshop

Nick Ferry

Ted Alexander

DIY Tyler

McGinns Woodshop

Rich McNatt

Jay Bates

April Wilkerson

Steve Carmichael

Dominic’s Woodworks

Alistair Darroch

Dale Wienke

Stephan Poehnlein

Tom  Howbridge

Adventures In DIY

Mike Fulton

Joe Whittaker

Peter Brown

Sterling Davis


Cy’s Corner

Jason Rausch

Rock N H Woodshop

The Nomadic Polywright Show

Andrea Arzensek

Wildman Project

Fabian’s Tiny Workshop

Darbin Ovar  

Wood n Stuff w/ Steve French

Izzy Swan

Grady Hillhouse

Chris Pine workshop

Matthew Cremona

Jack Houweling

Eric Lindberg

RJB Wood Turner

Jeffery Ferguson

Dema  Gamayunov

Nicholas Gomez

Mark Christopher

Summers Woodworking

Timothy Babb -

The Bearded Woodworker

 https://w TheBeardedWoodworker


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