Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kaizen Foam Pallet Tool Rack

Using only Pallet Wood and Kaizen Foam from #FastCap , this tool rack can be made for less than 11 bucks. It organizes your tools, keeps them from banging each other on peg board, damaging them, and It looks Sweet. Get ready, the Pallet Up Cycle Challenge is coming fast, Aug 1 to Aug 31. I will donate 1 dollar for every entry to the Wounded Warrior Project, Plus all of my You Tube Earnings for July and Aug will go to Wounded Warriors. The products and tools used in this video where from the Links below, check out their great Products , they also will be Sponsoring the Pallet Up Cycle Challenge this year along with a host of others.

Fast Cap


Clear Vue Cyclone



Kreg Tools

Easy Wood Tools

Jay Bates

Mighty Wood

Scott Haun

Manhattan Wood Project

Tableft Woodshop

Miter Mike’s Woodshop

MonkWerks with Fr. Thomas

KK Makes

Mike Fulton of MF Woodshop

Sterling's WoodCrafts FB Link to Prizes

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

X Carve by Inventables, Assembly, and Overview

I would like to Thank Inventables for allowing me the be a part of the X-Carve Review. It's True, If I can do this, Anyone Can. I am looking forward to seeing what all this X-Carve can do, in adding to my woodworking builds. I would also like to Thank the woodworking Community, for supporting me, and all those that have helped me with this Build. Greatly Appreciated !!! Hope you enjoy and is useful to Your X-Carve by Inventables experience. For more information visit