Friday, August 14, 2015

Pledges for the Wound Warrior Project 
Through the Pallet Up Cycle Challenge 2015
To be Donated on Sept. 11, 2015

Sterling's WoodCraft $100.00
Miter Mike’s Woodshop $100.00
MonkWerks with Fr. Thomas $90.00
Dave Gatton Sidewinder Cnc $100.00
Rod's Woodshop $100.00
DF Crafting $100.00
The Hoosier Homesteader $200.00

Anonymous Donation Pledges
You Tube Content Creator $200.00

Running Total Pledge to Date

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pallet Up Cycle Challenge 2015 Update, WWP

Pallet Up Cycle Challenge 2015 Update

Company Sponsor Prize list Link

You Tube Content Creator Prize Link


Kreg Tools

Clear Vue Cyclones




Fast Cap

Easy Wood Tools

Jay Bates at

Mighty Wood at

Manhattan Wood Project at

Tableft Woodshop at

Haunmade at

Miter Mike’s Woodshop at

MonkWerks with Fr. Thomas at

KK Makes at

Mike Fulton at MF Woodshop

Woodworks By Rich McNatt at

Thank You for making the Pallet Up Cycle Challenge a Success !!!