Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shop Update, Thank You, Organizing,

Just wanted to give you an update of my shop, Thank a few people for sending some cool stuff, and show what I have been doing to organize some areas in my shop as well as show what I do with scrap pieces to make every use possible out of them. I Hope you enjoy the video and if you get a Nugget out of it, That's all I hope for. All The Best and Thanks for checking it out

If you are going to the Woodworking Show April 1-3 and are a content Creator, let me know so I can get your info to My Son Austin, Round 2 in the making,

Thanks to

Ronnie Sutton, It's A Wood Thing

Drew Short

Nick Ferry

Jay Bates

Austin Davis aka M.A.D. Covers

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fishing Rod Holder / X- Carve

I was tired of always having my fishing rods tangled up, So with Easel on Inventables, using the X- Carve, I made this Fishing Rod Holder to keep my Fishing Robs in Order. You can get this pattern from the Inventables Site and Make one for yourself, as a Gift, or Sale . Thanks To Inventables for the Opportunity , Much Appreciated

I know every shop does not have an X Carve , and Yes This project can be done with a Jig Saw, or Band saw, but their is a place for a CNC in woodworking , From cutting, to inlays, to signs. Be Open Minded and Check them out.

For more information on Easel,  the X Carve or Inventables visit At