Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Top 10 Safety Tips for the Table Saw

Their are many other tips that can be observed, but the Number 1 tip to remember with any Power Tool is, (Command Sense) Read instruction Manual , Know your Tool, Respect it, and Think First 

1. Never reach over the blade while running, to get stock you are cutting
2. Ear protect
3.Use a Push Stick for cuts , or safety approved Jig
4. Short Sleeves are best, but nothing lose hanging off the body
5. Safety Glasses
6.Do Not Adjust your fence with blade in motion
7. Never Make Free Hand Cuts
8. The Miter Gauge and Fence should not be used together
9.Zero Clearance blade guards, best practice 
10. Under Plug Saw before changing

These are all work in progress for me, but again, COMMAND SENSE goes a long way !


  1. Couple of other tips I learned the hard way. Don't stand between the miter slots when using the table saw, If kick back would happen you'll be out of the way. When cutting materials use a riving knife, this helps prevent kickback.

  2. Great Point Dale, Thanks for the added tips.