Monday, June 9, 2014

The Gun Rack

Want to Share A link to My Gun Rack Video, and Tell you a little more about it.

First, Don't let limitations stop you from woodworking if it's something you want to learn or pick up as a hobby, or just learn a new trade. You can use many different Technics to complete you projects, even with just hand tools. Build your tools, and as you learn and feel comfortable, upgrade again, and before you know it, you with be wondering where to put all your tools. I am not at that point lol, still upgrading. I don't let those limitations hold me back from creating.

This was the first time I Ripped Boards and I was surprised of how well they came out. I should also be setting an example by wearing my Safety Glasses, and Ear Protect, ( Working on That) so You please do. A Zero Clearance Plate should be used as well when cutting this thin.

The Glue Bit was a 2 for 1, Jay Bates and Wood Choppin Time, Both can be found on the side bar in the links, both Great Wood Workers, but Jay started doing fun things waiting for glue to dry in his Project videos, (Steal #1) , the other was for Safety Dan with WCT, Part of the Trash Talk for the Summers Woodworking Contest. I would like All to understand, Chad , Safety Dan and The Wood Choppin Crew are all Great People, Very Skilled in there craft, and it was all in Fun, They have helped me Greatly, and for that, I Appreciate Them.

Hope that clears up any confusion on why the video was made the way it was, and it you have any questions, Please ask. If you have not seen the video, I have left you a link, Thanks and Have a Blessed Day.

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